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When in Doubt, Just Add Glitter - Nail Tech Shaker Card

I was presented with the opportunity to create a card for a nail technician who is moving from the US to her home overseas. I've never created a card for a nail tech, but I jumped at this opportunity and got planning right away. The only requests were that the card be for a mail tech moving away and be extra glittery.

In the past, I've seen stamp companies come out with a few stamps and dies related to makeup, nails and beauty, but not very many. I haven't had the chance to purchase any as I really never had the need for it. Fortunately, my hubby recently came home with a Cricut Expore Air 2, and I've been slowly learning its capabilities ever since then. I basically think of it as one large die cutting machine with a bunch of dies built into it. The possibilities with it are limitless, and I've really only scratched the surface of what it can do.

I began my design by searching Cricut Access for any type of nail tech quotes or objects. I came across one sentiment that stated "I'm that nail tech they told you about" and felt that would be perfect for the message my client wanted to get across with this card - that this nail tech was pretty badass at her job and would be missed! Along with the sentiment, I wanted to create a bottle of nail polish to go with it.

I played around with the layout quite a bit before I settled on something that I loved. I knew I would use glitter, so I wanted to make some sort of shaker card. The first card I created was not-so-great and ended up being trashed. As a card maker, sometimes ideas just don't pan out the way you imagine they will, and that's okay! When my idea didn't work, I went to sleep and began again the next morning.

I had some glitter paper out that I had recently used to make some desk calendars for an craft fair. I felt this paper would be the perfect glitter paper to use. I decided to use Cricut Access to plan my layout. I did so by creating a 4.25x5.5 rectangle and layered the images I wanted to use over top of it as if it were my card base. This really helped me to imagine what the card would look like before I created it. I decided I would cut the sentiment from the glitter cardstock. Then I would put a piece of acetate behind the card panel with the sentiment in order to create a shaker card. I added foam all around the back of the panel, leaving room for glitter behind each line of the sentiment. I did this so that when the card was held up, all the glitter didn't just fall to the bottom of the card. Instead. There would be pockets of glitter that would stay visable when the card was held up.

After creating the shaker panel and adhering it to a card base, I created and die cut the nail polish bottle from some mirror cardstock in black and irredescent silver. I ended up adhering this to the left of the sentiment.

I finished off the card with a black cardsrock border and some black gemstones to match the border. This card came out looking pretty simple, but the concept took me some time to create, and it definitely involved some trial and error in the creative process.

That's what I think one of the joys is in cardmaking: being presented with a problem/challenge and coming up with a solution/answer. Our designs don't always go as planned, but figuring it out is the fun part.

Thanks for stopping by! Happy crafting :)


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