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SCT Let’s Stamp Together - May 2023 Card Kit

It has been WAY too long since I've been in the craft room! Just a short update... last summer I moved from my apartment at the shore to my first house in southern Jersey! We're a lot closer to family now, so family visiting us has been easier for them. I also got pregnant with my first (and ONLY) baby girl! I had Stella this past April; 3 weeks before my 37th birthday! The pregnancy and labor experience was not easy to say the least... but my husband and I are so proud to have such a beautiful and wonderful baby girl! Our family is now complete :)

The first card I actually created this year was a baby shower card for one of my best friends, Allison! I'll share that in a later post ;)

I once had a subscription to Scrapbook & Cards Today Let's Stamp Together kit. It's an every other month card kit that always includes a stamp, matching die set, a stencil, and an instructional video to complete 3-4 cards with the kit supplies. I cancelled it after March 2023 due to not having the funds to afford it, but when I saw this Spellbinders kit release - I HAD to have it! Fortunately S&C allowed me to purchase this kit individually without a subscription since they had extras! I was so relieved about this because I thought I had missed out on a great kit!

Yesterday my friends Allison and Joe came to visit my family for the first time since I had the baby! It was great catching up and having some crafting time together in person! Since we live states apart, we typically video chat while crafting on a regular basis, but it's always more fun to craft in person.

I decided that I would use my crafty time to compete the May 2023 Let's Stamp Together kit. I watched along with the video and made the 4 cards as instructed. I LOVE how they turned out... and they're just as good as I had hope and were SO fun to make. I may end up having to resubscribe to the every other month kit just to have something to look forward to that will get me creating in the craft room! I will see what the next kit brings and decide if I need to resubscribe and somehow make the budget for the kit.

Below are the 4 cards I created. All came out as expected except for the one using modeling paste. I only had light and fluffy modeling paste which I've honestly never used previously. I'm sure I had another medium that could have worked, but being new to this type of mixed media, I ignorantly chose this modeling paste over others. It turned out that the glitter I applied to it while wet didn't stick at all! I don't know if it was the type of modeling paste or that I didn't work quick enough to apply the glitter while wet, but I think it was more so the first of the two possibilities. After I realized the glitter didn't stick, I just used a glitter brush to brush off the rest of the turquoise glitter. A few sparkles were left behind... but not enough to really show in photos! I decided to stick with white on white by creating a white matte using the 4.25"x5.5" top folding card base. It actually didn't turn out half bad! Sometimes an elegant white on white look is perfect!

I hope these won't be the last cards I create for a while! Now that the baby is settled in, I think it will be easier to incorporate some crafty time - at least for my own sanity if nothing else!

If you would like the subscribe to the Let's Stamp Together kit, here's a link to the subscription -

Thanks for stopping by! Happy crafting :)


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