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How to... Use the Fuse Tool by We R Memory Keepers

Today I decided to break out my Fuse tool by We R Memory Keepers, plus a FUSEables Card Kit I've been hanging onto for some time waiting for the right moment to work on it. The card kit is neat in that it consists of basically plastic based cards and embellishments. There's no gluing or cutting involved; just using the Fuse tool to "fuse" the elements together!

When I first picked up my Fuse tool years ago, I intended to use it to create shaker cards and that's exactly what it's great for doing! Half of the cards in this kit involved putting sequins in a shaker pocket and fusing it closed to complete the shaker pocket to attach to the card.

Essentially what the Fuse tool does is "melt" the plastic; that's the best way I can put it. The tool comes with two attachments; one that creates a stitched look and the other that creates a straight line. The one I used to complete this card kit was the one that creates a stitched look. It really added a nice decorative element to the cards as I fused the pieces together.

The Fuse tool is pretty simple to use. You basically select the attachment you want to use, plug it in, set it up on the holder that comes with it, give it time to warm up, and then take the tool to the plastic. I suggest testing it on a piece of plastic, such as a page protector, to get the hang of using the tool. If too much pressure is applied, it will fuse through the plastic and actually cut it. You want to get used to applying the right amount of pressure and gliding the tool across the plastic at a good speed. Too slow - it'll cut the plastic: Too quick - it won't fuse the plastic. There's also a ruler included with a slit in it that you can use as a guide to get a straight line while fusing. I "free-fused" my cards so they didn't have perfectly straight lines, but that was okay with me.

Once I finished my cards, because the plastic card base was sort of flimsy, I decided to cut off the fronts of the cards and use liquid glue to attach them to the front of my own card bases to make them more sturdy. Now I have the back of the cards leftover to play around with using the Fuse tool.

Below are the cards I liked the most from the cards I created. I few were a bit too imperfect - the first ones where I was still getting used to the tool!

Have you used the Fuse tool before? What do you enjoy using it for? I'd love to try another kit if one's available!

Thanks for stopping by! Happy crafting :)


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