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Decorating the Home - Is it an Art?

Who else gets excited about decorating their home for the different seasons? I do! This past year I began taking it more seriously and began decorating past just Christmas. First I came up with a general decoration for the home for a year-round basis. I bought some some table decor, upgraded my coffee table, a few things here and there.

THEN Fall and Thanksgiving came and I went ALL out. I bought some new throw pillows, pillow covers, blankets to match, new tablecloth, cloth napkins, placemats - the works. Finally, this was getting more serious and turning into a hobby that I would continue throughout the year and each season. I did come come up with a theme and colors that would go with the furniture and curtains that I keep up year round which is red, black and brown. So for fall, I added orange and green in the mix :)

Then came Christmas, and I HAD to go all out for that - I always decorated for Christmas, but this time I wanted to do more! So again, I bought pillow covers, used the red blankets we had, red tablecloth and products we had, then added a few small details like snowflakes for the windows, a centerpiece for the coffee table, placemats, etc. I decided to go with a black, red, green and white theme - again, working with colors already in my home. The brown furniture just acted as a neutral.

So as you can see, they're two completely different themes (fall and winter) but they both played on the colors I already have in the home. Now when those seasons come, I just pull those boxes, and I have everything readily there together. I also include scented candles of the season, kitchen linens, and any other decor related to the season that I have collected over time.

Now it's time for spring then summer. For these seasons, I decided to come up with a "year-round" theme that can work for any season and works with the basic colors of my home. In this case, I kept with the red, brown and black. For each season, I can bring out decor specifically related to the season such as beachy stuff for summer, greens for St. Patty's Day, Easter decor, 4th of July, etc. I would do this without changing the general theme of my home.

Now, you might be thinking that the theme is very similar to the Christmas theme and I could just reuse some of the Christmas for year-round. That's true! The table cover and the blankets will be for year-round and Christmas (upgraded what I already have), but still some things to give the home a different look from Christmas like solids rather than using checker print. I'll also slowly add some more decor that works year-round with the colors I've chosen but decor that won't be displayed during Christmas to make room for Christmas decor.

Now, does anyone else go through this same thought process when decorating for the seasons or is it just me? Is it a crafty/organizational thing? I honestly think I get it from my grandmother. I always loved visiting her home to see the new decorations of the season, as simple as they may have been. I feel like it's become a side hobby. Something to look forward to with each coming season, and as the years go by, so will my collection of decor. Right now, I really just have the basics to keep with a single color theme. It makes me happy :)

Thanks for stopping by! Happy crafting (or decorating!) :)


Pam Watson

Hi, I'm Pam, and welcome to my Blog where I share all of my crafty adventures!



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