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Bring it, 2018! | Changes and Updates

Heeeyyyy! I looked back on my blog and it seems that I always do a blog post on the 1st of January to reflect on the past year. On that note, this past year has been BUSY! I'm sure you've noticed my lack of updates, but it's all been for good reason (for the most part).

The beginning of 2017 I really just lacked the inspiration to do any crafting unless necessary. I slacked on sending cards for special occasions and birthdays. I didn't make any Halloween treats. It also took me forever to create my "We Moved" cards (more on that later) and Christmas cards.

I did join the Krazy Kreations Design Team (which I felt blessed to be chosen), but I found myself constantly lacking the inspiration to create cards/projects. I had a few good cards here and there when I was feeling some inspiration to craft. I began to realize that my best work doesn't come from feeling the obligation to create something AND make it impressive.

I've decided with the New Year to not give myself any obligations to craft. No deadlines. No promises. No goals... except for the goal to actually craft when inspiration hits me and STOP BEING LAZY!

With the ups and downs I faced this past year, I fell into a depressive state and really didn't feel like doing anything during my free time. I'd rather curl up in a blanket, watch craft videos and take a nap... although I longed for the desire to actually create. This year, there will be NO MORE being lazy! And if something were to knock me back down this year, I will (for the lack of better words) "dust myself off and try again."

So... what happened last year?! Well, first off, I got laid off two jobs within a few months and was on unemployment for a good amount of time. In no way did I want to be unemployed, because my desire was to continue my hands-on learning with being a veterinarian technician. Despite that, I was let down, people gave up on me and made me feel worthless.

It wasn't until I was let go the second time (within one month to be exact) and denied many opportunities to be a vet tech (due to lack of experience) that I came up with a genius idea that would forever change my life!

I picked up my things (along with the puppy and hubby) and moved from Maryland (where I was born and grew for 30+ years) to the Jersey Shore! I felt like there was nothing for me in MD. No job opportunities, no local friends, no inspiration, no happiness. What DID bring me happiness was every chance I got to visit NJ for craft events, my hubby's car shows, and the shore. I took a leap of faith and began applying for jobs in New Jersey. I really didn't know what to expect. Who would really want to bring a vet tech with only 9 months of experience to a new state?

To my surprise... I got two calls back from the two places that I applied. I planned the interviews for the same week I'd be in the area for a craft event, and just a few days after the interview, I got a call from the very first interview asking me to move to NJ and join their team! I literally cried. I cried from relief. I cried for the new opportunity. I cried for feeling like someone believed in me. Lastly, I cried because my dream to move to the Jersey shore was now within reach :)

Long story short, toward the end of summer, my hubby and I moved to New Jersey about 10 minutes from the beach, we got a new apartment, we both started new jobs, and we made some new friends! We couldn't be any happier - Rocko's even happier!

The job has had its ups and downs, but I have faith that everything is going to work out okay. And if for some reason it doesn't... I will dust myself off and TRY AGAIN!

Thanks for stopping by :)

Pam Watson

Hi, I'm Pam, and welcome to my Blog where I share all of my crafty adventures!



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