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Adult Coloring & GIVEAWAY! | featuring Hampton Arts Color Me Stamps

I used to go to Tuesday Morning once or twice weekly looking for good deals on quality crafting products. Now, I rarely ever go since I purchase all my craft supplies online. What's your favorite place to buy craft supplies? One day I went to Tuesday Morning just because I got off work early, was already out and had some spare time, so I thought I'd just stop by to see what they had. I came across these Color Me stamp series from Hampton Arts. Each set included 2 images to be colored, as well as some sentiments. I'm pretty sure these stamps are retired, but there is limited availabilities that I will link below!

These stamps are much like the adult coloring books that have been trending and people are using as stress relief. I tried it for a while, but then just found myself getting impatient trying to get the whole page completely. Is that just me? These stamps are perfect because they are good size images, they show sample coloring on the package, and they can be incorporated into making cards. There were about 5 or so stamp sets, but I limited myself to 3, plus one extra. Here are two of the three sets I bought:

I finally got around to stamping some of my favorite images and coloring them with my Copic markers this week. These were great to use for practicing my Copic coloring as well since they are still fairly new to me, but I've built up a pretty good collection for getting started. I decided to color the images based on the sample images included in the package. Even with using that as a guide, each image took me about an hour or so to color, but I was also coloring them during commercials while watching my weekly tv shows :) My faves are the Chicago series (Fire, PD, Med, Justice) and Law & Order: SVU. What tv shows do you watch religiously?

Once the images were colored, it was fairly simple to put a card together. What I found to be easiest was to grab some solid cardstock papers matching the colors I used for the images, then I used a rectangle die cut to cut out the images (or just trimmed them down using my trimmer), and came up with a simple layering design that allowed for the image to take the center stage on the card. I then stamped the corresponding sentiment from each set on the inside of the cards. Really, the sentiments don't match the images in any way, so any sentiment can be used to compliment these images. Each set focuses on one theme for the sentiments, such as birthday, encouragement, etc. Overall, I think these are great images to have stamped out and ready to color on the go :)

I mentioned earlier that I bought an extra set. Below is the extra set AND I'm offering it as a giveaway!


I am also entering this card into Simon Says: Anything Goes :)

Thanks for stopping by! Happy Crafting :)

Pam Watson

Hi, I'm Pam, and welcome to my Blog where I share all of my crafty adventures!



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