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Taylored Expressions Grad Grumplings | Graduation Congrats Card

I've been buying a few stamp sets from Taylored Expressions recently because some of them were just too cute not to resist and buy them right then and there! This is one of those sets. It's called "Grad Grumplings," and it's a part of their Grumplings series. I've been eyeing this series for a while, but there was never an occasion where I just HAD to have one of the sets. Their most recent release included Grad Grumplings, which is graduation-themed. Having a few coworkers who were graduating this year, I HAD to get the stamp set :)

There's a lot of times when I say to myself that I just HAVE to have a particular stamp for a particular occasion, then I get it and don't have time to use it for the occasion before it's past! This time I wanted to make sure that didn't happen, so as soon as I got it, along with a haul of other stamp sets, I stamped all the images out and colored them when I found some free time. I finally made a commitment at work to make the graduation cards to pass around to be signed, so that was my "assignment" for the weekend that I made sure to accomplish.

I made two cards, exactly the same, except one with the skunk (squirrel or whatever it is, lol) grumpling and one with the monkey grumpling. Despite the sentiment, my manager didn't seem to understand why they looked angry, lol. I did, however, pick one of the least sarcastic sentiments in the set but still sarcastic. Makes sense to me :) Anyway, I hope they will like them!

Thanks for stopping by! Happy crafting :)

Pam Watson

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