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Updates and Changes to my Blog for 2024

It's been a while since I have had the free time to make cards. Having a 9 month old definitely has its challenges, but it's so rewarding watching this little girl grow, learn new things, and develop her personality! She's like a little people now 🥰

*A quick PEEK at my Christmas cards for this past year!

I'd like to make some changes in the way that I craft and share my projects. I'm not sure yet that teaching is for me, however, I do enjoy sharing my projects, how I make them, and getting feedback from others, as well as giving others feedback, tips and tricks! My goal this year is to create one card and one corresponding blog post per week. Shouldn't be too difficult, right? Like I said, my time is very limited nowadays, but it's necessary that I make time for my hobby each week. It's what makes me feel like myself again after the pregnancy and becoming a mom. It makes me feel like I have more to offer than just being a good mom, wife, daughter, and friend. It makes me feel like I'm more than "just" a stay-at-home mom. These things are very important to me.

Otherwise, what I have had time to do is multitask taking care of baby and being on my phone. What I mean by that is not that I'm constantly neglecting her or ignoring her because I'm on my phone... it means that when I'm doing things for her, I'm using that time to multitask and get in some "me-time" using my phone. On my phone, I can enjoy watching live craft videos and interacting with other like-minded people. I can take notes for future projects that I'd like to complete or new craft tips I've learned. I can get on mom groups on FB and share advice and tips that I've learned as a first time mom and vice versa. I can do all these things while she's playing independently, getting exercise in her jumper, taking a nap, eating a meal, etc. or when I'm pumping for her, which takes 30 minutes. These short amounts of time allow me time to myself, and I take advantage of every minute of it.

Of course, 75-80% of the day is revolved around Stella. We have a pretty predictable schedule now:

9am: wake for the day, change diaper, drink bottle, brush teeth play independently in saucer while watching Ms. Rachel (this gives her time to stand upright so she doesn't puke up her breakfast and it gives me time to pump).

10am-10:30: go over the day with interactive calendar, guided play and exploration on the carpet or we go to the library!

10:45: change diaper then nap

11am-12/1pm: nap 1-2 hrs (depends on her mood and the day)

1pm: change diaper, change from pjs to day clothes, drink bottle, eat oatmeal cereal mixed with homemade veggie/fruit purée (I premake and freeze these in cubes that I thaw in the fridge or microwave)

2-4pm: guided/independent play, go outside and take walk in stroller/jump in jumper for exercise, fun learning activity

4pm: change diaper, drink bottle, then nap

4pm-5pm: nap 1 hour (2nd nap is usually shorter than the first nap of the day)

5pm: change diaper, drink bottle, eat oatmeal/purée, play with Daddy when he gets home from work

7/8pm: take bath (if needed), night routine (change diaper and put on pjs, brush teeth (for practice-she has 2 teeth so far), read a story, drink bottle, then go to bed

9/10pm: go to bed for the night

10pm-9am: sleep!

It seems like we've got it all together, right? lol! It's a miracle if we follow this schedule to a T, but most of the time, the times are off a bit, either earlier or later, or she won't take her second nap, or she decides 9/10pm will be her nap time and she'll wake at 12am for another bottle and think it's playtime until 2am in the morning! Honestly, we have a general routine, not a schedule, and we go with her flow. I didn't create this schedule; it's a routine we fell into by following her needs. Each day is a new day and brings new challenges, BUT we all worked together to create a routine that works for everyone, but it really revolves around her.

I'd like my blog to not only focus on my crafting adventures, but my adventures as a NEW and stay-at-home mom. Maybe my written experience can help my readers, or maybe it'll just give my readers a small glimpse into my life and reality. What do you think?

Of course, if no one seems interested in anything other than my crafts, I'll be fine with changing the theme to just crafting... but I thought I would give this new method a try!

*A quick PEEK at a Christmas project I completed with my Cricut!

Thanks for stopping by! Happy crafting (and parenting) 😉



Pam Watson

Hi, I'm Pam, and welcome to my Blog where I share all of my crafty adventures!



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