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Stitch Fix for Maternity Clothes? - Yes, ma’am!

A few years ago, I shared a post comparing Stitch Fix to Nadine West. Ultimately, I canceled my Nadine West subscription and opted to keep my Stitch Fix subscription. You can see the post comparing the two here.

When I got pregnant during the summer of 2023, I almost canceled my Stitch Fix subscription until I realized how hard it was to find maternity clothes in store, much less anything I actually liked. I contacted Stitch Fix and requested to put my subscription on hold because I was pregnant and needed maternity clothes now, but they informed me that they also carry maternity clothes! What a relief! 😅 I could continue to try on clothes in the comfort of my home, return what I don't like/doesn't fit, get a 25% discount if I buy my entire fix (5 pieces), and order clothes specifically when I needed them using the Freestyle option.

In order to change your account to maternity, you just go to Profile, then Style Profile and answer the following maternity questions:

Then your stylist will select clothes for you, you can see some of their choices during the Preview period and disregard clothes that you don't like at all and select clothes you absolutely want in your fix. Then when you get your fix, try on the clothes, buy them all with a 25% discount or select the pieces you'd like to keep and return the rest! So easy and convenient!

Here are a few pieces I chose to keep and wore throughout my pregnancy:

Check out that baby bump! 🥰

Now that I'm 9 months post-partum, I've changed my account accordingly (not pregnant, postpartum weight, etc.), and can now get new clothes to fit my postpartum body. I admit I haven't gotten a lot since I had my baby, mostly due to finances, but once I'm ready, I'll be ordering from Stitch Fix again to update my wardrobe! I also found that some of my previous favorites still fit too!

To sign up for Stitch Fix and get $25 off your order, use my referral link -

Thanks for stopping by! Happy shopping :)



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