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I'm Acrylic Painting - What?!

With the pandemic, getting out of my home to do things is pretty limited. At beginning, my friends and I began Skype crops online where we could talk to each other/see each other and craft together! It was great for a while, but more people started going back to work and were less and less available. However, I was working the entire time and managed to make time.

Once that phase passed, I spent a lot of time focusing on work, organizing and purging my home. Recently, I decided to pick up paint lessons online through free FB events that show step by step how to create a painting. I've created quite a few so far and have embellished my craft room with my new artwork. I plan to continue to create paintings for my craft room. Hey, maybe I'll even give some away? Below are just a few that I have done recently as well as some process photos :)

I hope you enjoy!

Gallery :)

No Otter Like You

Sea Turtle Love

Galactic Orcas

Simply Elegant Cherry Blossoms

Pam Watson

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