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Christmas in July... featuring Riley & Company

It's Christmas in July!! Such a fun time to make Christmas cards ahead of time to have them ready for the holidays! When do you start your Christmas cards? I definitely start mine July... and usually once it's over, I don't make any more until October/November. Then I end up making one generic card and sending those out (last year I sent NONE), and Christmas cards I made all year stay in my stash, lol! I just get so attached to the cards that I make that sometimes it's hard to let them go, especially when they're one of a kind and not made in bulk.

Today's card was inspired by Riley & Company's card kit for OOAK's Christmas in July Craft Along! I've been wanting to purchase some Riley stamps for a while now and almost did at the last Craft Along, but money held me back. Plus, I wanted to start small with a few stamps before I invested more money into a wider collection. They really make Riley stamps so you can collect them; they even have a checklist to help you keep track of the stamps you have - this definitely makes it harder to hold back to "whole set syndrome" people like me.

With my Riley & Company card kit, I decided to buy a stamp that was used in one of the cards, which was the Gingerbread Riley & Sophie stamp set where the two moose of the company are turned into gingerbread cookies! So cute if you ask me :) I then selected a sentiment to "match" that says "I put out for Santa! Cookies! I mean cookies!" I thought it was hilarious. I showed my husband my finished card and he didn't get it, so so much for using it as our Christmas card design this year! If he didn't get it, no one else will. He says it's because he didn't get the moose cookies. I guess you have to understand Riley & Company to get it? You tell me! Anyway, I love how the card came out, so to my card stash it will be added! Someone will appreciate it ;)

Thanks for stopping by! Happy crafting :)


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