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World Card Making Day 2016

Can you believe it's already October?! This is my favorite time of year though... so I'm so glad those days of 90-100 degree weather are gone for now. I'm not looking forward to the freezing weather, but the 50-70 degree weather? That's my favorite :)

Today is World Card Making Day, and it's a cold and wet one... so it's the PERFECT day for staying inside and binge making cards!

I've been off the radar for a while now... I've just been lacking the inspiration to get into my craft room and sit to make some things. Whenever I feel like I've lost my mojo, but I actually WANT to craft, that's when I turn to predesigned card kits! Although card kits are all thought out for you, there are some, like the Close to my Heart card kits, that allow you to follow cutting diagrams and really "get your hands dirty" with building cards instead of just adhering pre-cut pieces together. These are the card kits I like, because it gets me back into that feel of following a sketch, cutting down paper, stamping, embellishing, the works!

I recently placed a CTMH order with my local consultant, Lisa, and I had wanted to place it before September was over so that I could take advantage of the deal of the month and buy some products from their Create Kindness line. I didn't want to get the kit, because I didn't need ink, stamp blocks, or a container... plus, 4 of the stamps I wasn't really liking much, but the other 4 -- love them! I decided to just individually buy the 4 stamps I liked, and the set of card bases and envelopes so I can create my own design for these cards :)

Along with the Create Kindness line, I wanted to get the new colors in inks and paper. I was also really excited to try out CTMH's new ink pad design! The new colors are absolutely gorgeous and a great addition to my collection of dye inks from CTMH and Stampin' Up! As for the new ink pad design, I like it a lot better than the old CTMH ink pad design -- it's A LOT easier to open! However, after playing with them for a bit, I noticed that stacking the new ink pads isn't very efficient as when you pull one ink pad up, the top of the next ink pad will come up with it since they're all magnetic. I did that a few times and unexpectedly got ink all over my fingers. Once I get my new SU ink tower, I can store my new CTMH inks and not worry about stacking them, but I'll have to keep that in mind when I have them on my craft table.

I also decided to pick up one of the Workshops Your Way Cardmaking Kits, Just to Say, so that I could play around with some of the new ink colors, and I thought the combination of colors included in the kit guide worked really nice together... plus, you can never have too many "thank you" or "birthday" cards! Now that I've completed this kit, I think I'm ready for more! :D

How many cards have YOU made today? :)

Pam Watson

Hi, I'm Pam, and welcome to my Blog where I share all of my crafty adventures!



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