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SSS STAMPtember 2016 | Lawn Fawn Happy Howlidays

It's that time of year again - STAMPtember, when SSS and a bunch of other stamp companies work together to bring us exclusive stamp sets only available while they last! Now, don't feel like you need to get something just because it won't be around again... only get something if you LOVE it. I feel the need to say this because I know I'm guilty of getting wrapped-up in the "get it before it's gone" gimmick, but I also try to think logically before jumping the gun and making a new purchase.

Last year, the Lawn Fawn stamp set for STAMPtember was Merry Christmouse (no longer available), and I wasn't overly thrilled about the stamp set, so although I had the chance to get it (I was up when it released), I decided against it... and unfortunately, later regret it :( Since then, I have seen some very creative uses of this stamp set that don't involve JUST Christmas. Christy (from Christy Gets Crafty) used the wrapped cheese and made it a Valentine's day card, and when I saw that, this was when I kicked myself for not getting the stamp set while it was available. She also paired it with a mouse from a Mama Elephant stamp set that I thought was a lot cuter than the ones in Lawn Fawn's set. THIS year, I made sure not to make that mistake again. Although I didn't (and don't yet) have ideas yet for how I would use this year's set (Happy Howlidays), I went ahead and jumped on it before it sold out (still available as I write this post at 3am).

Now, I know I said, "don't fall for that gimmick," BUT the reason I jumped on this, and probably will for ANY stamp set Lawn Fawn comes out with, is because they really are my favorite stamp company. I would NOT do this for any other stamp company. SSS came out with plenty of things for STAMPtember, and so far, I only purchased one thing I really liked because I also wanted to make it worthwhile when I bought the Lawn Fawn stamp from them. As for Lawn Fawn, I have realized, and you can see this in my 3 most recent posts, their stamp sets are really versatile and work well TOGETHER. For my last few cards, I mixed and matched so many of their stamp sets from images to sentiments to create cards that just "worked." This is Lawn Fawn's style. They design their stamps so that they CAN be used together.

I just picked up Happy Howloween from Lawn Fawn's newest release which contains 3 dogs that can be dressed up in a variety of Halloween costumes. I felt the need to get this because of all the costumes, which I know will work with other stamp sets as well, and the dogs can be used alone (not just for Halloween). As for Happy Howlidays, this stamp set is obviously going to coincide with Happy Howloween as it also contains a variety of accessory items that can be used with other stamp sets, but it also contains 3 dogs (similar, but different) so these two stamp sets will complement each other perfectly. I love how Lawn Fawn does this. It really makes card making possibilities endless. THIS is why I jumped on Happy Howloween!

So go ahead, if you love Lawn Fawn just as much as I do, get this stamp set while it's available. Otherwise, shop wisely, and only get what stamp sets you really feel like will get a lot of use from you :)

Thanks for stopping by! Happy crafting :)

Pam Watson

Hi, I'm Pam, and welcome to my Blog where I share all of my crafty adventures!



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