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Lawn Fawn Toboggan Together & Cheery Christmas | All I Want for Christmas is You

Ah... it's the end of summer. The holidays are coming... that means it's time to start making Christmas cards! My recent Lawn Fawn haul includes various stamps perfect for the upcoming holidays! One stamp set in particular, Cheery Christmas, reminded me of last year's LF release with Toboggan Together -- the deers match! Once I saw that putting 2 deer together from each set would make a boy and girl that are facing each other, I knew I had to make a love-themed Christmas card :)

I decided to go a step further and instead of just having the two deer face each other and staying stationary, I decided to make this card a DOUBLE-slider card so that the two deer will "walk" towards each other and meet in the middle of the card! Ahah! Once I had the idea, I got to work, and surprisingly, this card wasn't very hard to put together, even with the interactive part of it! I didn't film it, but I hope to do a similar card in the future to film and share with you all :)

Also, in order to create the sentiment, I took the sentiment "all I want for Christmas is ewe" from the LF Baaah Humbug stamp set, and the "you" from the LF Baked with Love "you are all I knead" sentiment and combined the two together :) I also took the accessories from LF Baaah Humbug and added it to the deer -- almost looks like they were made for them and not the sheep!

Andddd... just for fun, I'm going to enter this card into Simon Says Anything Goes Wednesday Card Challenge :)

Thanks for stopping by! Happy crafting :)


Pam Watson

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