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Lawn Fawn Cutie Pie & Sprinkled with Joy | Fall-themed Hello Card

I've been on a roll today keeping busy with stamping out my new Lawn Fawn stamps, coloring the images, and making cards from the images. One stamp set I've been dying to use is the Sprinkled with Joy stamp with the coordinating interactive dies. I was stoked to find out they came out with an add-on die to make the oven from this stamp set interactive. With all the creative people out there using their products, I'm sure someone would have thought of finding a way to do this even if they didn't create the die... but this just makes it soon much easier!

There are a few extra pieces with the add-on die that I haven't quite figured out how to use, but tried to use them in ways that made sense. More so, I'm talking about the little "tab" die that comes with the set. No pictures have shown where to place this piece and I've come up with a few ideas, but the one shown in the picture is my most recent. I can guarantee it's to help the door stay closed on the oven, but where it should be placed, I'm not quite sure. I can see it being placed on the back of the door and tucked under the oven as well.

Also, when I got this stamp set, I knew I had to get the Cutie Pie stamp set just so I could put a pie in the oven which is practically my favorite dish for the holidays :) I realized after ordering it that I did have a pie stamp from a Sunny Studio stamp set that could have worked... oh well! I do like the sentiment that came with the pie, hence why I used it on this card.

Ahhh, I just love making interactive cards with little surprises! How about you?

Andddd... just for fun, I'm going to enter this card into Simon Says Anything Goes Wednesday Card Challenge :)

Thanks for stopping by! Happy crafting :)


Pam Watson

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