Creativity Never Sleeps!

How often do you find that you have an idea in mind for a card, but once you sit down to make it, your mind just goes blank? Yeah... it happens to me more than I'd like to admit! Happened to me last night when I finally sat down to make a card for a fellow blogger friend of mine. I even started the process with a color palette and card sketch in mind... but I just wasn't happy with the final product.

Long story short, it wasn't until 2am this morning, when I woke up to grab a drink and a snack, that ideas flooded my mind. Maybe it was the sugar, lol, but any who, I got right to work, using the same sketch as before (with a few tweaks), adjusting the color palette just a bit, and throwing in a few new techniques that I hadn't used before... and voila! The card was done :)

Now, how many of you find that your most creative ideas come to you when you should be sleeping? lol! That's why one of my favorite quotes is...

a creative mind never sleeps

... because it's true! And THAT is what I am going to blame for my constant insomnia ;)

Pam Watson

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