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UPDATE: Much needed break!

You may have noticed by now that I have taken a break from updating my blog and YouTube channel. Well, I've been spending this time getting my home in order so that I have more time to spend on blogging and making videos. It is a process, but I am enjoying getting things organized and feeling more like a "home" than just a place I stay. I also have a vacation coming up at the end of next week and will be spending some of that time finalizing the work I'm doing with my home AND to get caught up and update my blog and YouTube channel :)

This apartment revamp came up when I decided to revamp my craft room. By doing that, I got rid of a lot of things (at least took them out of my craft room...), and was able to use some of those things to reorganize my apartment. So far I have completed revamping my living room, dining room, and craft room. My hubby and I began on the kitchen yesterday, and I hope to finish it tomorrow.

Along with all of this revamping, I am also working to take on more responsibilities in my home so that I can keep it in the order that keeps me relaxed and comfortable. I've found the best way to make sure my home stays the way I want it is to lead by example and just do it myself instead of trying to delegate duties. Of course, I don't plan to do everything! However, by keeping with my responsibilities, it's easier to make sure that my hubby keeps up with his, and it'll also be easier for him if I take on more responsibilities since he works long hours, more than I do.

Erin Condren Planner

I have had an Erin Condren planner for over a year now. I have mostly utilized it to keep up with my work and blog schedules, as well as any other events, such as parties and birthdays. I've recently began utilizing it to keep up with my cleaning duties around my home. I was good about keeping up with everything at first because I would check off the boxes of the things I listed for each day as I did them. I got to a point where I felt very overwhelmed with everything going on in my life, which really wasn't much at all... so I started slacking on completing my responsibilities, which didn't help my home with staying in order.

My idea to get myself a bit more into following through with my plans set in my E.C. planner is to order some cute stickers from Etsy that I can use to decorate my planner and make "cleaning" and staying organized sound more fun! Silly, huh? I think I feel that if I put that effort into planning my days and weeks that I will actually follow through with my plans, as opposed to just making little checkboxes. We will see. I am still waiting for my orders to come in, but once they do and I get a chance to decorate my planner, I hope to make a video to share how I use my E.C. planner.

Carrie Elle Meal Planner

Along with my E.C. planner, I have recently invested in a meal planner from Carrie Elle. The style of her planners remind me a lot of Erin Condren, so I felt the pair of planners would be great in keeping me on track. I didn't want to use my E.C. planner for meal planning, because then it would be too much going on in my planner. I've gotten into meal planning every now and then, but never stick to it for more than a few weeks. I'm hoping with this C.E. planner, I will have a little more enthusiasm about meal planning and sticking with that plan. Since my hubby and I have stopped meal planning, we were eating out almost every night, and every day, whether we ate at home or when out, we came to the same indecisive decision about what to eat and it caused a lot of frustration. I'm hoping with getting back into meal planning, that will eliminate some of that stress of trying to figure out what to eat every night since it's already planned out. Also, we won't be waiting until 8pm-9pm to eat, which is awful for our bodies!

Along with my E.C. planner share video, I hope to share my Carrie Elle Meal Planner and how I utilize it for meal planning.

Planner Tote Bag

Another way that I have attempted to bring more excitement to planning in general is to buy a tote from Michaels and turn it into a planner tote where it can hold both of my planners and all of my planner accessories (pens, sticky notes, stickers, etc.) in one place. Now, when it's time to plan, I can just pick up this one tote, take it to my couch and get comfortable for planning knowing that everything I need is right there. I also intend to share this in my upcoming planner share video :)

So that is pretty much an update of what's been going on while I've taken a break from updating my blog and YouTube channel. I hope to be back at my regular routine (and with a more defined plan) once I get my home back in order, which should be during my vacation in a few weeks, so subscribe and stay tuned for updates!

Pam Watson

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